For partners

STRON is an international manufacturer of premium-quality spare parts with an extended service life. Our main values are reputation and warranty obligations. Our products are supplied to the conveyors of automotive manufacturers and markets worldwide. Only responsible companies can become dealers and suppliers of STRON after a thorough selection procedure. We expect our partners to convey our values to the end buyer while providing impeccable service.

When working with our dealers and suppliers, we directly participate in the entire chain of production, sales, and operation of our products: from purchasing raw materials to sale to a vehicle owner. Our ultimate goal is to supply the customer with the best product on the market in all respects, i.e. quality, price, and service.

Information for customers in Russia and the CIS

STRON products are represented in Russia and the CIS by AUTOSNAB, which is responsible for the following: STRON brand and product promotion, distribution on the entire assigned territory, interaction with advertising companies, providing full warranty and a complete range of STRON.