International manufacturer of premium quality automotive cooling systems with extended service life

TOP Korean Manufacturers of Automotive Radiators


HCC (Halla Climate Control CORP)

HCC is a Korean corporation founded in 1986. Originally, this was a joint project of Ford Motor Company and Mando Machinery Co. that later developed into a large corporation manufacturing in-demand products for the automotive market. In 1989, the Company opened a research center, leading to an improved product quality. In 2003, Halla began manufacturing radiators for Mazda. Today, the HCC clients include many global corporations. It has branches in South Korea, Europe, Asia, US, and Canada. Halla Climate Control CORP has about 1,900 employees. The corporation is rapidly developing and implementing new technologies using improved equipment and modern materials. The company's research centers, where the products are tested and refined, are located in different regions worldwide.


STRON is an international leader in manufacturing premium automotive spare parts with an extended service life.  The Company was founded in South Korea in 1996. STRON representative office in Russia was opened in 2012. The plants manufacturing STRON products have over 1,000 employees. The plants are located in three countries. STRON offers cooling systems components for over 90% of car models and 30% of truck models and special vehicles.

The STRON products are based on a unique design, structural innovations, and many patented technologies. Continuous improvements, elimination of defects and losses in the supply chain, best materials and equipment — all this enables a 3 year or 80,000 km warranty for the entire range of STRON products and maintains the company's reputation as a premium-quality manufacturer. Products from the plants are supplied to automotive conveyors worldwide, in Asia, South America, Europe, and CIS.



Doowon Corp

Doowon Corp. is a Korean company founded in 1974. Originally, Doowon Corp. production was oriented towards manufacturing spare parts for diesel fuel injection, ventilation, compressors, and radiators. Eventually, the company began manufacturing components for agricultural machinery. Doowon is positioned in the automotive spare parts market as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality products that implements new technologies. The company specialists have received many certificates confirming compliance with international quality standards.  The company's business is mainly focused on the production of automotive systems: climate, engine cooling, fuel injection systems for diesel engines.  Cooperation with various international automotive giants enables manufacturing of a broad range of products.