International manufacturer of premium quality automotive cooling systems with extended service life

STRON shows explosive growth in market share of auto components for cooling systems

The increase in STRON’s share is due to the strategy of the company that it has been implementing in recent years. The strategy of the company is aimed at providing customers with exclusive service, maximum configuration of goods, and warranty of three years or 80,000 kilometers of mileage. This is based on the principles of continuous improvement of business processes at all stages of production, constant updating of equipment and automation of operations on conveyors, introduction of defect prevention methods in all chains of the production process and in the supply chain. In particular, the company increases the share of standard components for cooling systems, as well as special series of radiators and intercoolers.

For example, due to the high growth in demand for the company’s products, STRON constantly increases the range of automotive components in the Russian Federation. The company’s radiators and intercoolers are available for more than 8,000 different automobile models, covering about 70% of all auto makes and accounting for 4% of the Russian market share of automotive components for cooling systems.

According to representatives of STRON, Russia is one of the most important regions because the local market immediately reacts to an increase of the company’s product range. STRON has its own logistics network, its own warehouses, and an excellent team that effectively represents the brand’s values.