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STRON launches large-scale operations at a new production facility

The Korean producer STRON announced the official launch of another plant in Asia for the production of premium quality automotive components for engine cooling systems for any cars from Europe, Korea, Japan and the USA.

The production capacity of the plant is 20,000 automotive components per month. The products will be supplied to the markets of Europe, the Middle East and the CIS countries. The opening of another production site has create more than 200 new jobs.

The plant has modern equipment that allows to control the quality of products at each stage of production and meets the requirements of international standards.

According to STRON representatives, the startup of new production sites and the increase in capacity is primarily due to the constant growing demand for the company's products, an increase in supplies around the world, as well as the continuous expansion of the range.

The company plans to continue to increase operations through additional loading of equipment by product groups: radiators for automatic transmissions, thermostats, water pumps and engine fans.