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STRON enters the UAE market

Korean producer of premium automotive components STRON announces its entry into the UAE market. Currently, negotiations are underway with potential distributors.

The company notes that the market of auto parts in the Gulf countries is one of the most attractive, since it is convenient in terms of operating activities and logistics operations, and the Emirates market is an international warehouse for automotive components, from where they are transported all over the world.

"We highly appreciate the prospect of international markets for the development of the auto parts segment, so we will continue to expand the geography of our presence," STRON representatives note.

STRON is an exclusive service, the maximum configuration of the products and the guarantee of 3 years or 80 thousand kilometers of mileage. This is based on the principles of continuous kaizen of business processes at all stages of production, constant updating of equipment and automation of operations on conveyors, introduction of methods for preventing defects in all production process chains and in the supply network.