International manufacturer of premium quality automotive cooling systems with extended service life

STRON continues to modernize its production technologies and processes

STRON, an international manufacturer of premium quality, long-life automotive cooling system components, carries on its continuous production modernization process. The company has completed a great amount of work, improving its quality control, optimizing processes, and increasing production efficiency. All this has allowed the company to manufacture products that meet the latest standards.

STRON adopts the best global practices and successfully implements them in the production, logistics, and quality assessment of its automotive components. The company is making active efforts to modernize its factories and commissions additional automatic lines that allow to improve the quality and efficiency of its production. In the near future, STRON plans to continue the modernization of its plants and become a leading manufacturer of automotive cooling system components.

The continuous upgrades, the prevention of defects and losses in the supply chain, the use of the best materials and equipment — all this allows STRON to offer car owners a warranty for three years or 80,000 kilometers for the entire range of the company’s products.