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In 2022, STRON increases the supply of products to Russia by 300%


Deliveries of STRON premium-quality auto components to the Russian market have renewed the all-time high. It is noted that the scope of deliveries in 2022 will increase by 300%.

"We see an increase in demand for certain groups of auto components, and we see no shortage of goods. We control the supply situation and we have managed not only to optimize logistics processes in a timely manner, but also to expand the range of auto spare parts in the Russian market," says a STRON representative.

Representatives of the company emphasize that the skyrocketing demand for STRON auto components is due to the fact that all products are of high quality and affordable price, each item is a comprehensive solution that can meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

STRON ensures the required level of availability of its products and controls prices. If necessary, the company is ready to increase the intensity of deliveries, currently warehouses are replenished in the ordinary course. Every day STRON responsible employees monitor the level of demand and inventory to be able to respond quickly to leaps in demand in any region of the world.