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Become an exclusive STRON distributor in Vietnam and Thailand

Automotive supplier STRON continues to expand its business in Asia and you can now become an exclusive distributor of STRON in the Vietnamese and Thai markets.

These countries have a high potential for the development of the automotive aftermarket: Vietnam is the largest producer of cars in the region and Thailand is the largest exporter of cars and automotive parts. Vietnam's automotive aftermarket is valued at more than US$2 billion and is growing every year. Thailand's automotive aftermarket is valued at more than US$5 billion and is also growing. This opens up opportunities for STRON to offer its products in this growing market.

Reputation and guarantee are our core values. Products from our factories are delivered to car assembly lines and markets around the world. Working with our dealers and suppliers, we are directly involved in the entire chain of creation, realisation and operation of our products: from the sourcing of raw materials to the sale to the car owner. Our ultimate goal is to provide the consumer with the best product on the market in every respect: quality, price and service.

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Premium quality

Confidence in the product you offer your customers, backed by a 3 year or 80,000km warranty.

Price - STRON's core range is sold in the mid-range price category, but is original equipment quality or better.

STRON takes care of any complaints - no questions asked, we provide the end customer with a replacement and reimburse all reinstallation costs.

Wide product range - STRON covers 80% of the cooling system needs of cars and commercial vehicles.